Welcome To Krishna Public School


1. General Conduct

  1. All students should uphold the core values of the school.
  2. All students should be polite, courteous and well-behaved at all times.
  3. All students should greet the teachers and visitors when they see them.
  4. All students should be orderly and self-disciplined at all times.
  5. All students should be punctual for school and all school activities.
  6. All students should respect school property.

2. Assembly / Pledge-Taking

  1. All students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  2. All latecomers, as well as parent/visitors, who are on the school premises, should stand at attention during the singing of the National Anthem and the taking of the Pledge.

3. School Uniform (see Pupils' Handbook for illustration)

  1. All students must be in their school uniform at all school activities / programmes when coming to school for CCAs.
  2. Only school t-shirts and approved CCA t-shirts are allowed during activities and other school / class activities.
  3. Only if there is a leg injury are students allowed to wear alternative footwear instead of their school shoes.

4. Hair & Personal Hygiene

  1. Hair must be neat and tidy at all times.
  2. No gel, mousse, fancy hair styling or tinting of hair is allowed for all students.
  3. Girls' hair should be above base of collar or neatly tied up.
  4. Fringes should be neat and above the eyebrows.
  5. All ribbons, rubber bands and hair clips used should be black.
  6. Boys' hair should be short, sloped at the sides and rear.
  7. Boys must be clean-shaven with no facial hair like moustache and beard.
  8. Nails should be kept short and clean.

5. Classroom Conduct

  1. All students must stand up and greet the teacher when he/she enters or leaves the class.
  2. All students must leave the classroom during recess. Students must be accompanied by a teacher should they remain in the classroom.
  3. All fans/air-conditioners and lights must be switched off when leaving the classroom.
  4. All students must seek permission from the teacher and obtain a leave pass before leaving the class during lessons.
  5. Students are allowed to eat or drink in the classroom only during snack time. Students are reminded to bring healthy and easy-to-pack snacks (e.g. apples, buns, sandwiches) to eat during their snack time.

6. Recess

  1. All students should queue up in an orderly manner when purchasing food.
  2. All food and drinks must be consumed within the school canteen.
  3. Used crockery should be returned to the respective stalls.
  4. All students must finish their food/drinks before the recess ends.
  5. All students should help to maintain the cleanliness of the school canteen.
  6. P1 and P2 students are to assemble at the assembly area immediately after recess before proceeding to their classrooms

7. Personal Belongings

  1. Students should not bring any valuables to school.
  2. Any confiscated valuable will be returned to the child at an appropriate time.
  3. Girls may wear plain earrings. Multiple earrings are not allowed.
  4. Spectacles (if worn) should be plain frame and non-tinted, unless recommended by the physician.
  5. Students should not bring electronic games, cards and toys to the school.
  6. Students should not bring excessive pocket money to school.
  7. Students are allowed to bring hand phones to school. Prior permission must be sought by the Form Teacher should students require the use of a hand phone after school hours. 
  8. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.