Sexual Harassement Committee

Sexual Harassment Committee

With regard to the Supreme Court Judgment in 1977 and guidelines issued in the Act passed by Parliament in 2013 in this regard to provide effective enforcement of basic human right of gender equality, a Sexual Harassment Committee is format at KPS.

Objectives of the Committee are:-

  1. Prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women employees and girls (students) by promoting gender amity among them.
  2. Deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, in a time bound manner, aiming at ensuring support services.
  3. Recommend appropriate punitive action against the guilty.
  4. To comply with the provisions of the sexual Harassment at KPS.
  5. Evolve a permanent mechanism for prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women / girls at KPS.
  6. Undertake all necessary and reasonable steps including the constitution of appropriate committee for purposes of gender sensitization and to conduct inquiries into complaints of sexual harassment.

Procedure for filing complaintsComplaint may be oral, sent by email or in writing. If the complaint is oral, it will be converted into a written form by the committee member who received it.
Upon the receipt of complaint by any member of committee, the member should forward it to the Principal. The grieved one may also lodge her complaint directly on the mail ID of the Principal.
A complaint can also be lodge telephonically to the mobile number of the member of the committee.
If a complainant doesn’t want to reveal her reveal her name for any grievance, she can drop the grievance (s) in the suggestion box.

Cases of sexual Harassment Following incidents will be treated as cases of Sexual Harassment:-
Physical contact and advances.
Unsavory / dual meaning remarks
Eve- teasing
Jokes causing or likely to cause awkwardness or embarrassment.
Innuendos and taunts
Gender based insults
Displaying / sharing pornographies or derogatory picture, cartoon, sayings etc.
Any other act which is likely to violate one’s privacy.

Process of enquiry

  1. The committee will ask the complainant to prepare a detailed statement of incidents / allegations. . The statement of allegation will be shared with the accused.
  2. The accused will be asked to prepare a response to the statement of allegations and submit it to the committee within the given time.
  3. The statement and other evidence(s) obtained in the inquiry process will be treated as strictly confidential. The committee will organise verbal hearing with the complainant and the accused.
  4. During the enquiry process the complainant and the accused would be expected to refrain from any form of threat, intimidation or influencing.
  5. Both parties will be given reasonable opportunity to be heard along with witnesses (if needed) and to produce any other relevant document/s.
  6. Upon the completion of the decision of the investigation, both parties will be informed of decision of the investigation.
  7. The committee will prepare a report and will record the documents.
  8. If the accused is found guilty, committee will take appropriate disciplinary action, including the termination of the accused. In that case all related documents will be maintained in the associate’s folder, ensuring strict confidentiality.
  9. If the complaint has been made in bad faith or with some evil design, disciplinary, action which may include termination will be taken against the complainant.

Decision & Action

  1. In case of academic / administrative /technical/non teaching staff/support staff , disciplinary action could be in the form of one or more of the following:-
    • Warning
    • Written apology
    • Adverse remarks in the Confidential Report
    • Debarring from supervisory duties.
    • Termination
    • Any other relevant mechanism.
  2. In case of students, disciplinary action could be in the form of
    • Warning
    • Written apology
    • With holding results
    • Debarring from exams
    • Debarring from holding posts or participating in school programmes.
    • Expulsion
    • Denial of admission in the next session
    • Any other relevant mechanism
School will ensure that all employees and students will feel safe and secure in the premises. The policy will be reviewed and amended by the committee from time to time. The school reserves the right to amend, abrogate and reinstate the entire policy or any part of it any time.
Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No
1 Mr.Chand Roop Manager 8014380005
2 Ms.Kavita President 8221800895
3 Ms.Rashmi Dahiya Principal 8221800891
4 Ms.Rajni Co-Ordinator 9050826567
5 Mr.Parmod PET 9992876100